Family Fun

Family Fun

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Memories are a precious part of our families’ histories and recording and preserving the special events and high points in our lives is an ongoing exercise.  It doesn’t take long to amass a mountain of photos, art works and memorabilia, particularly when your family is young.  Busy people that we are today, it is easy for it all to get out of hand and before you know it, you’ve forgotten some of the dates and vital details!  A friend has a brilliant system – dedicate a file to each calendar year and, as you go, date and deposit photos, social souvenirs, award certificates and special schoolwork samples etc., therein.  When you find time, you can sort through the collection at leisure and properly preserve these mementos in albums and scrapbooks in correct sequence and with accurate detail. If you want to take it a step further – allocate a file for each family member.


Paints & BrushesSet aside a couple of hours with the children to produce your own special customised Christmas wrapping paper!  You will need large sheets of white butcher’s paper or plain brown paper (matte finish), some water-based paints in saucers or other shallow containers (plastic take-away boxes are ideal) and brushes, glitter or glitter glue, stickers and stencils (if you have them), and a variety of Christmas-themed stamps – ready-made or old-fashioned D.I.Y. potato-cut stamps!

This can be a messy business, so plan ahead for clean-ups – I recommend working on a large plastic tablecloth.

Have rags at the ready and, if necessary, some paper towels for occasionally blotting the potato stamps.

This project is great fun for children and adults alike and I’ve found that even condescending teenagers can’t resist the occasional contribution!

So – no rules – just follow a Christmas theme – stars, bells, Santa, Christmas trees, reindeer etc. Glitter and glitter glue – the latter less messy, are great for Christmas bauble motifs.  Mix it up with stripes and swirls so that your patterns are not too predictable.  The grandparents and other lucky recipients will be thrilled with their designer gifts and the effort invested!  Have Fun!!!

Children paintingNOTES: Butcher’s paper is available from packing companies, craft and office suppliers or even your butcher if you ask nicely!

Potato stamp – halve a nicely shaped, easy-to-hold potato and cut out your desired motif (about 1cm/½ inch depth) with a sharp paring knife – this procedure is best left to the older children or adults.

TIP: Tie the wrapped gift up with tinsel for extra effect!

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