Gift Giving

Gift Giving

Gift Giving is one of life’s great pleasures but can sometimes present quite a dilemma – be it the constraints of a tight budget or what to give the person who seems to have everything.

From a simple token to a decadent extravagance, a little imagination goes a long way – both the giver and the recipient will be more satisfied if the gift reflects a little thought and care.

Plan ahead so you have time to research and not shop under pressure – and try not to be too predictable – some people are quite lazy in their choices of gifts.

gifts. gift giving, present, presents, birthday present, Birthday presents, Christmas presents, Christmas gifts, wrapping, how to wrap a gift, how to wrap a presentIt is a good idea to keep a book and calendar dedicated to birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions and seasonal events etc. so that you don’t overlook anyone.  I also recommend recording gifts received and given, thus avoid embarrassing duplications and making little notes of individual’s particular favourites, passions and hobbies (this has proven a great help). The book also becomes a reference for your Thank You notes.

As I have mentioned in my article “The Joy of Giving” (see under Social) – I save myself a lot of angst by purchasing all sorts of gift items throughout the year and maintain such a range of goodies in my personal store that I am rarely stuck for inspiration.  A lot of things are purchased on my travels – different and interesting pieces from exotic places which make for truly original and well-received gifts.

Unless you have been given direct advice or you know the recipient’s tastes very well, it is best to avoid giving clothing, fragrances and works of art or music as these are very personal choices and your perception of gorgeous may not be theirs. That said, my selection is very mindful of the individual/s in question and I make a special effort to find something that will really please them. Dedicated shopper that I am, it’s no chore to cruise around in quest of something absolutely perfect. Invariably I will find other little treasures along the way.

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