Just Relax

Just Relax

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BATHROOM BLISS – Relaxation is a vital survival tool in our challenging modern lives and “slow bathing” is wonderfully remedial.  Whilst showering is obviously expedient in our daily routines, I try to make time for two or three leisurely soaking sessions throughout the week – this could be a.m. or p.m., depending on my schedule.

Allow at least an hour and set the scene with soothing music, fragrance infusers or scented candles and maybe a glass of bubbly if you’re feeling really decadent.  Dose the bathwater generously with your favourite oils or salts and slip into the Zen zone.

I confess to installing a television in my London bathroom, on the pretext of keeping abreast of developing news, but find I rarely watch it.  Much nicer to close my eyes, relax and meditate – in fact a lot of inspiration for writing and design seems to come while I’m blissing-out in the tub.

This private time also presents the perfect opportunity to perform a few beauty rituals such as applying a facial mask, exfoliating with a luscious body scrub and preparing hands and feet for nail treatments.  Having sensitive skin, I cannot tolerate leg-waxing so I actually shave my legs in the bath – underwater (without lather) and thus avoid rashes.

After bathing I apply body and facial moisturisers and feel beautifully relaxed (smooth, fragrant and feminine) – puts one in a very nice frame of mind!

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